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Europe's Leading Family Office Investment Partner

Family Office investors are not like other investors

Family Offices strategise across decades – even centuries – and have the depth of resource to invest for the long term.

Family offices have the insight and experience to act as supportive partners, offering expertise and connection alongside capital investment.

Uniquely agile, Family Offices have the freedom to back early stage start-ups and the most innovative investment ideas, as well as established investments with proven track records – as they choose.

There are more Family Offices than ever before

The Wall Street Journal described Family Offices as ‘an investment phenomenon’ and a ‘disruptive force’, citing at least a tenfold growth in the number of Family Offices over the past twenty years, while research suggests family offices hold assets in excess of US$4 trillion.

Private wealth has grown dramatically in that time period, with four times as many self-made billionaires and ultra-high net worth individuals.

Family Offices are the solution of choice to the complexities of managing this meteoric rise in private wealth.

Debrecks Marketing was founded in 2000 to bring the most interesting investment ideas to this new class of global Family Offices

Based in London, with connections around the globe, Debrecks founder Seig de Vater started his career at Cazenove & Co, where for 12 years he looked after Family Office funds and companies, building relationships with over 500 Families.

Seig created Debrecks as a vehicle to privately introduce the most interesting investment ideas to this trusted network of investors, built up over almost thirty years, incorporating some of the newest Family Offices and the most established.

Discreet roadshows and bespoke lunches provide the opportunity for pre-qualified Family Office investors to explore select investment ideas with individual entrepreneurs, in a relaxed salubrious environment.

Debrecks has raised in excess of US $4 billion for a wide variety of investment strategies, connecting some of the world’s most dynamic entrepreneurs with some of the most experienced investors.

Seig founded The Ton Private Family Office Events, and the European Family Office Investment Forum, and launched the first Family Office Leadership Summit and Family Office Investment Summit, in London.